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hi :), thanks for taking your time and stopping by to the event of 'lingerie for refugees'.

Afghan women are at risk. Their current situation and their future got my heart set on trying to raise awareness and money to help these women that are very much less fortunate than me, and most probably you.

At the same time, the motivations behind this event also celebrate femininity, beauty and craft and of course, sustainability. 

The new owner may enjoy wearing these pieces where quality came first.

The range you'll see are mostly from Agent Provocateur's hey day. Along with a couple other brands that are harder to come by.

Through time, not only my body has changed, my idea of life as well as lifestyle keeps on evolving, hence to why these pieces became available, to you.

80% of every transaction from this event will go to one of the following (of your choice):

Women to Women International

Women for Afghan Women

UNHCR - UN refugee agency

how it works: 

1. click and view items for shots and descriptions

2. feel free to ask any questions relating to products* 

3. make offer(s) with brand(s) and style name(s) of interest*

4. don't forget your choice of charity / trust mentioned above

5. worldwide shipping with tracking available (regional prices subject to change)

direct debit to eu/nz bank / paypal

*get in touch:

email -

whatsapp - +6421621233

ig - @randomencoutners


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